"If you want to : search, preview, watch, manage, sort, copy, move or delete media files, this software might interest you"

HamMultiPlayer is a software created to scan your directories (and/or drives) to find and display several files in real time. It can be used to find, move, delete or preview any video/audio file. This is a "portable" software, this means that everything is already included inside the ".exe" (no installation, no registry keys, ...). It uses mplayer (32/64bits versions) and MediaInfo Library to decode and display files (so it can play everything mplayer can play). Program size is very small : 32 MBytes.
HamMultiPlayer scans recursively directories you selected and load any compatible file. You can then, sort generated list to find out duplicated or similar files.
HamMultiPlayer works with Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10 in both 32/64bits architectures. This program was compiled in 32bits  and includes both 32/64bits players to decode any file.
HamMultiPlayer is the program i have been looking for years until i decided to do it myself. I don't garanty anything. Use it at your own risk !
HamMultiPlayer is freeware and cannot be sold !            

Download last version (2020-01-11) : v0.117 (0.117.38154.1909)
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Example ( 16 previews ) showing 16 different parts of one video (single mode).

WallCurrent controls lets you watch movies while Flipping or Mirroring previews...
( Right mouse button over preview then Fx / WallCurrent ).

Original Video WallCurrent Mirror

Original Video WallCurrent Mirror

WallCurrent Flip WallCurrent Quad

Original Video WallCurrent Mirror

Try it yourself, download Samsung Dubai UHDTV demo (53 MBytes).
(pictures above come from this demo. This is a 720p version of the original one)


In full mode, HamMultiPlayer has 4 display modes :

(usefull to select directories when starting).
ListView (to get more details about files).
DualView (to compare two movies)
FullWidth (to get full screen width when playing movies).


Default ListView DualView FullWidth
Default ListView DualView FullWidth

About Display Modes.

HamMultiPlayer supports several display configurations (1 to 3 monitors) :

Dual monitor (Left : Thumbnails display, Right : Interface & previews)


Tri monitor (Left : Thumbnails display, Center : Interface & previews, Right : Default system player)

About Multi-Monitors Mode.

Operating Modes
HamMultiPlayer can be used with full options or preview option only.

FullMode     FastMode
 FullMode                             FastMode

In FastMode, Files operations are disabled. This can be usefull for Children to let them only view defined files.
(Copy HamMultiPlayer in a directory, activate FastMode and it will only show current directory files).

    Screenshots :

HamMultiPlayer_4x1 HamMultiPlayer_6x2 HamMultiPlayer_8x3
ListView with 4 cols x 1 line                    Treeview with 6 cols x 2 lines                       DualView 8cols x 3lines

HamMultiPlayer_Spread HamMultiPlayer_HighThumbs HamMultiPlayer_ThumbAndView
Playing 10 positions of one movie (spread)          Accessing positions with mouse                View on left change on right           


HamMultiPlayer is a powerfull toy to navigate into your files using mousewheel...
Usefull links :
 defining previews number inside filename.
Understanding file versionning
Using HamMultiPlayer.
HamMultiPlayer Controls.
HamMultiPlayer Mousewheel.
About Display Modes.

WallDisplay (Displaying movies on a wall).

Previews options (Every preview can be ajusted).

You can follow HamMultiPlayer development on FaceBook :

Contact : Barnuble at HamMultiPlayer dot org. 2010-2020