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 Post subject: UpDates and ChangeLog...
PostPosted: Dec 2nd, '14, 13:03 

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It's been a long time since I had published a new version, here is the result of the latest additions. Have Fun !

0.117.38154.1909 (2020-01-11) :

- mplayer updated from r37905 to r38154 (
- MediaInfo updated to 19.09 (
- HamMultiPlayer now includes 32 and 64bits players for faster processing and UHD decoding.
- Automatic selection of best decoder (32/64bits) according to the content of the preview.
- HamCPU updated from v0.0.0.12 to v0.0.0.14.
- External "mplayer decoding" can now be added for each preview (Preview Options/Misc/External Decoding).
- Video : Output and Quality can be set for each preview (Preview Options/Image).
- Video : Rotating image can be done for each preview (Preview Options/Image).
- Video : x264 and x265 better (faster) decoding.
- Video : WebM file format (video and sound) is now supported.
- Video : better ".TS" support when searching inside video container.
- Video/Speed/InterFrame : AviSynth+ Support, you can now use AviSynth, AviSynthMT or AviSynth+
- Export : 4 Export softwares can now be defined (Default Player, VirtualDub and 2 others defined by user).
- GUI : New Display Mode : StatDisplay (5th mode showing Memory and Drives usage).
- GUI : HamMultiPlayer process priority can now be defined in preferences (Low/Below/Normal/Above/High).
- GUI : Previews options can be open by selecting right timer (under preview's display).
- GUI : Preview position can be set by selecting left timer (under preview's display).
- GUI : New Preview option to let you reloaded or reset any parts of each preview.
- GUI : Preview options can now define other previews affected by changes.
- GUI : There are now two gauges to move across files (previews and BigDisplay).
- GUI : Mouse wheel speed can now be set in preferences for Previews, progress and BigDisplay.
- GUI : Bug : File path localisation (not found when containing special caracters) : Fixed.
- GUI : Deleting an empty directory is now possible (to avoid keeping empty directories).
- GUI : TimeCode and Length are now displayed under previews.
- GUI : You can now define in Preferences what HamMultiPlayer does when it starts : Showing GUI, Info or History.
- GUI : Control Tips can be disabled making HamMultiPlayer Faster.
- GUI : "Getting Additional details" goes 5 times faster than before.
- Player : 32/64 bits players can be defined, AviSynth scripts will use 32bits version, other files 64bits.
- Speed : InterFrame changes can now be applied immediatly or later (Preview Options/Speed/ApplyNow).
- History Manager : FileType can now be defined before AutoScan selection (All, Video or Audio).
- History Manager : Scans can now be displayed and saved in current directory (beside).
- Audio : Volume, Left balance and right balance can now be defined for each preview.
- Preferences : "HamMultiPlayer's update check" can now be disabled.
- Preferences : Using External mplayer can now be disabled.
- Preferences : Temporary files can be kept (faster restart) or deleted (erasing program traces).
- Preferences : Embeded mplayer can now be extracted at any time.
- Preferences GUI : Updated.
- Preview's options bug : Speed was redefined each time accessing preview's options : Fixed
- HamMultiPlayer "exit" and "restart" is now faster (optimizations + parts of code rewritten).
- Many others bugs fix and speed improvements...

0.116.37905.792 (2017-02-16) :

- mplayer updated from r37875 to r37905 (
- Updated MediaInfo to (
- New : AviSynth Editor (Needs AviSynth installed) => See Options/Misc/AviSynthEditor.
- New : ".avs" scripts supported as source => Can be loaded and edited inside AviSynthEditor.
- External mplayer will not be copied if already present => faster startup.
- HamMultiPlayer now checks files properties to reduce program freeze.
- External Decoding : Only 'OpenGL ATI Output' seems to work with External decoders => Default.
- Single Mode optimizations => Now faster than before.
- FileNames display bug : Inside progress display => Fixed.
- Get Additional details : Abort control bug => Fixed.
- ListView : Now displays 3 colors : Yellow=mplayer input, Orange=AviSynth input and Red=No file.
- History ListView items can now be selected by double click and columns can be sorted.
- Previews background informations updated => Now displays informations using 2 colors.
- Options windows now have unique size whatever preview size is.
- WallDisplay : Mousewheel can now be used over any preview to move position independently.
- Bug : Reloading a "Big-Displayed" preview was returning to small preview state : Fixed.
- Bug : Using DualView and SingleMode on unloaded preview makes program crashing : Fixed.
- Several code fix and global optimizations.
- Embeded documentation errors fixed.

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PostPosted: Feb 16th, '17, 16:44 

Joined: Sep 28th, '12, 13:43
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0.115.37875.791 (2016-12-03) :

This is a very small update fixing an oversight : mplayer 37853 => 37875.

- Updated mplayer (37853 was compiled in place of 37875).
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.91 (
- Startup Speedup : MediaInfo is decompressed only when not already present.
- HamMultiPlayer filename has not any more effect on Full/Fast Mode.
- Trying to call "Previews options" in FastMode crashed HamMultiPlayer : Fixed.
- Hiding main interface did not hide others : Fixed.

Important Note :
- FastMode is now only accessible via preferences or icon of the taskbar.
- FullMode (when being in FastMode) is now only accessible via icon of the taskbar.

0.115.37875.790 (2016-11-30) :

- Updated mplayer to r37875 (
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.90 (
- New : Thumbnails pictures creation added (Previews/Misc options).
- New : Keyboard control : F1..F12, Space bar, PageUp/Down, Tab...(See Umbeded Doc).
- New : History -> Lets you select any previous selection scan (faster than TreeView).
- New : External player can now be defined (and used in place of default system player).
- New : Explorer Context Menu : Automatically start scanning and displaying files.
- New : HamMultiPlayer can be called passing command line arguments : Drives/directories.
- Image Cropping : Rewritten, easier and faster now.
- Get additional details Updated.
- Added value steppings to set Brightness, contrasts, etc...(see previews options).
- Added two new video outputs : OpenGL for ATI/AMD cards.
- BigDisplay : New control to define a specific ratio/size.
- Previews can now be Moved/deleted/Exported/... even if file is unreadable.
- Previews Option/Delete file was not waiting for confirmation : Fixed.
- Sound : Added controls to set 50%, 100% or mute volume.
- Sound : Filter updated (ExtraStereo / Delay / Surround).
- WallCurrent : Updated and Bugs fix.
- Previews Options : Updated (it is now faster than before).
- Files Loading : delay can now be set from 0 to 50ms.
- Display Vertical Control updated (displays resolution and ratio).
- ListView display : Updated + many Bugs fix.
- ListView : Files can now be deleted or pages moved from that window.
- File(s) : Copy/Move now displays bytes copied and total.
- Others small changes and many bugs fix.
- Embeded documentation updated.
- Preferences : StartVideoPosition Bug (Set to 0 when preferences are canceled) : Fixed.
- Interframe : FrameRate display bugs : Fixed.
- Player control and GUI code optimizations.

0.114.37853.785 (2016-05-10) :

- Updated mplayer to r37853 (
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.85 (
- Image Cropping : Updated and many bugs fixed.
- Auto Cropping Detection added.
- Bug : Audio Softvol => Removed (Sound changing is faster now).
- Bug : Disabling audio track was not working : Fixed.
- Bug : Stop/Reload : Now checks File Exist.
- New : Aspect ratio can now be changed in each preview (0.1 to 3.9).
- New : mplayer OSD Level can be set from 0 to 3 (default = 0).
- New : Subtitles can now be selected (see previews options).
- New : Splash screen displaying "quick start".
- New : InterFrame Presets (100% to 10% speed). This replace 50% and 100% controls.
- Changed : No more Automatic Subtitles.
- Embeded documentation rewritten and updated.
- Bug : Datas from Transport Stream (.TS) container was not return properly : Fixed.
- GUI : Small Texts/Controls size bug : Fixed.
- GUI : MouseWheel can be used in previews options for : Ratio/Volume/Speed/Equalizer.
- Added : Restart (Preferences). To (Auto)restart HamMultiPlayer to apply new settings.
- Bug : Files could not be moved in SingleMode : Fixed.
- Bug : Files Operations could not be done when filenames was too long : Fixed.
- Many other small fixes.

0.113.37802.783 (2016-03-17) :

- mplayer changed to r37802 (
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.83 (
- New media files formats supported + h264/Hevc better decoding...
- HamMultiplayer has now 2 working modes : Multiple and Single.
- Introducing 'Single Mode' : To watch a single file at several positions.
- Preview selection is now faster.
- Previews : can now be cropped (see previews options).
- Thumbnails : Creation is now faster (optimization).
- Thumbnails : Right Click over thumbnail -> Keep position and return to normal preview.
- Thumbnails : Any 'mplayer.exe' version can now be used with HamMultiPlayer.
- Thumbnails Bug : when no picture was created : Fixed.
- InterFrame new Presets : 50% and 100% speed at full monitor rate.
- WallDisplay new interface + presets : Flip and Mirror can be applied.
- Previews can now be renamed/copied/moved/deleted (see previews options).
- Filenames are now displayed over 'page progress' to quickly jump to a page.
- MultiMonitor bug : was not displayed if default monitor number >1 : Fixed.
- Thumbnails display bug (while moving vertical bar) : Fixed.
- Thumbnails -> incorrect position display in DualView : Fixed.
- Mouse Wheel bug when closing thumbnail display : Fixed.
- 'Page change' bug : Fixed.
- Unloading bug : files was not always showing full filename : Fixed.
- Treeview selection bug (when starting) : Fixed.
- Clicking Preview bug : was sometime displaying preview two times : Fixed.
- Moving file bug : Fixed.
- GUI : Previews configuration (Lines/Cols) is now easier to choose + Small Bug Fixed.
- mplayer options can be defined : Double Buffering, Direct Rendering, Slices and FrameDrop added.
- Settings can now be saved beside HamMultiPlayer.
- Many other fixes, GUI and speed optimizations.

0.112.37368.777 (2015-09-16) :

- mplayer changed to r37368 to use DirectShow (
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.77 (
- Introducing 'HamMultiPlayerCPU' : an integrated realtime CPU monitor.
- Added DirectShow and AVC decoding (via sherpya mplayer version and dsnative.dll).
- Added 'Add InterFrame settings to Export' (or not) for VirtualDub or External Player.
- Added new control to close and reset all previews (in one mouse click).
- Added 'Reset settings on page change' (or not). Can be usefull when using InterFrame and AviSynth.
- Added CPU settings to define how many cores are used with MPlayer, InterFrame and AviSynth.
- Added 'SpeedSteps' to let user define how many steps can be defined for speed (from 2 to 10).
- Video : InterFrame => Abort and Reset can now be applied to all previews.
- Video : WallDisplay => updated.
- Audio : Outputs and Tracks are now selectable.
- Audio : Equalizer and presets keep settings + many bugs fixed.
- Cancelling 'MoviesExtraInfos' bug -> fixed.
- Benchmark features updated.
- Export : 'compare' -> Files can now be compared (CRC32).
- GUI : Options menu rewritten (new settings available, see docs...).
- GUI : Lower panel can now be resized using vertical bar.
- GUI : Progress display bug -> fixed.
- GUI : SetToAll : Now really applies settings to all previews (InterFrame included). Be careful !.
- GUI : Refreshing ListView fixed.
- Stopping more than 4x UltraHD-4k movies was leaving processes running => Fixed.
- Many other bugs fixes and GUI modifications/optimizations.

0.111.37444.775 (2015-08-05) :

- Updated mplayer to r37444 (
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.75 (
- Added 3DStereoscopic support (plays SBS or OU for Stereoscopic glasses).
- Added Audio Equalizer and filters support (in Preview options).
- Added Speed and InterFrame support (AviSynth + InterFrame required).
- Added Swapping between two previews (in Preview options).
- Added VirtualDub Export (AviSynth + VirtualDub required).
- Added ".AVS" files support for External Player (Avisynth required).
- Added "Spread over multiple previews" in options (in Preview options).
--> Use right mouse button over previews to access "Previews options".
- WallDisplay updated : you can now select and organize displays.
- Seeking optimizations. (Speeds up moving inside movies and thumbnails creation).
- When starting, HamMultiPlayer now stops any HamMultiPlayer process(es) running.
- Audio file format 'm4a' added.
- Progress was not properly displaying time in DualDisplay -> Fixed.
- Problem deleting a file while being in BigDisplay -> Fixed.
- Several other bugs fix and Gui optimizations.


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