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Author:  barnuble [ May 11th, '16, 15:22 ]
Post subject:  Misc

Section 5 - Misc : (Few controls have been added in v0.115, docs will be updated soon)


External decoder : If you have any other external decoder and wish to use it, select it in the list. HamMultiPlayer will use it instead of mplayer decoding.
Note : If you don't know exactly what it means, leave this option to NO

AviSynth Source : This creates an AVS script to load current preview (may be slower).
Note :
- AviSynth must be installed.
- DirectShowSource may give good results.

Cropping : Allows to cut a part of image :
- No : Disables cropping.
- Preview : displays a rectangle to preview cropping.
- Yes : Enables cropping.
- Width : Check this if you wish to crop horizontally.
- Height : Check this if you wish to crop vertically.
- Less & More : decrease or increase cropping using step defined.
- Cropping Stepping : Defines how many pixels or lines are used for cropping (from 4 to 32).
- Reset : Reset cropping to original preview coordinates.
- Aspect : allows to crop image using aspect ratio presets -> 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 16/9, 5/3, 21/9.
- Detect : Auto detect cropping for current preview position.
- Zoom : Zoom in picture using cropping (from 102 to 200%).

Note :
- Zoom Cropping can be used to remove black borders or lines from sources.
- Aspect Cropping can be used to change movie format without loosing visual aspect (16/6 -> 4/3, 21/9 -> 16/9, etc...).


Author:  barnuble [ May 11th, '16, 15:23 ]
Post subject:  Fx

Section 6 - Fx :


WallCurrent : The goal of this function is to use Walldisplay for current preview to create special effects...
- You can for example watch previews in Mirror/Flip or Square mode.
- Once started, use right mouse button to show/hide playing controls.
Note : When using it, HamMultiPlayer will load current file to others preview to compose Fx display. When finished, previous files are reloaded.

3D Stereo display : Converts SBS (SideBySide) or OU (OverUnder) 3D Movies to Anaglyph (Red and blue) glasses.
Note : Both 3D selectors have to be selected to work.

Fx Section is new and still beta function, it will be updated and continued...


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