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Author:  barnuble [ Feb 16th, '17, 17:48 ]
Post subject:  AviSynth Editor

HamMultiPlayer 0.116 now incorporates an AviSynth Editor :

To use it : Right click over a loaded preview, select Misc tab then Edit.

Note 1 : AviSynth must be installed !
Note 2 : This is a beta function and it will be updated...


Once you select Edit, you will access the following window :


This is the Editor for AviSynth Scripts :

- Left listview displays function names (double click a function name to add it to the editor).
- Right side is the editor itself.
- On Top there are controls organized into 4 groups :

Functions :


"?" : First control will open your default internet explorer showing informations about the function selected in ListView.
All funcs / Audio / External / Files / Info / Other / Video : Lists the type of function you are looking for. (Select All Funcs to get a full list).
"Add" : Will add selected function in the editor. (You may use double click too).

Send Script To :


Once you have finished writing your script, you may export it using :

Converter : Will use the converter defined in prefs.
Converter X : Will stop converter process.

Player : Will use the player defined in prefs.
Player X : Will stop player process.

Preview : Will load current script inside current preview
Preview X : Will close process and reload it in its default state (without script).
Current preview can be defined using combo placed on the right.
Aspect : Is only used by Preview (not converter, not player).

Presets :


Source : This is where the source file is taken, it can be any preview.
Preset : those are example scripts, they can be applied to any preview.
Add : Checked = Will add script to current, Unchecked = Will replace current script.

Script :


Add : Adds a script from disk.
Save : Save current script to disk.
Clear : Clear editor.

To be continued... Barnuble ;)

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