Export Previews (to players or converters)
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Author:  barnuble [ Dec 8th, '16, 20:14 ]
Post subject:  Export Previews (to players or converters)

HamMultiPlayer can export previews to external softwares like : VirtualDub, MediaCoder, VLC, MPC-HC, etc...


- To access Export Options, Right Click over a preview (must be already loaded).
- Select Export TAB...

You should see these few options :


VirtualDub : Will export current preview to VirtualDub (If installed).
Player : Will export current preview to player defined in preferences. If not defined, system default player will be used.
Converter : Will export current preview to converter defined in preferences.

Note : "default" Export is sending directly file to external software (Your external software has to support source's codecs).

Use AviSynth : If installed, AviSynth will be used to decode your file : External software will open "yourFile.avs" instead of"yourFile.FileExt".

Note : "Use AviSynth" Export create an AVS script and send it to your external software (No needs for your software to be able to decode original file).


To use AviSynth decoding, you must install Avisynth software : Can be downloaded here.
Once installed, download an optimised version of AviSynth.dll. Replace the version included during last installation by this one. If the last link does not works, try this one ( Link).

This DLL must be copied in :

Windows XP 32bits : SystemDrive:\Windows\System32\
Windows Vista/8/10 64bits : SystemDrive:\Windows\SysWOW64\

If everything is installed, previous menu must be green displayed.
You are now ready to use AviSynth.

Few links about AviSynth : :
AviSynth Wiki :
AviSynth at VideoHelp :

I am working on an AviSynth Editor to multiply the possibilities of HamMultiPlayer and wish to be able to include it in next version v0.116.


To be continued... ;)


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