Creating Thumbnails Pictures
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Author:  barnuble [ Dec 1st, '16, 17:25 ]
Post subject:  Creating Thumbnails Pictures

Version 0.115 includes Thumbnails Pictures creation :

Once you have loaded (video) files, you may create pictures from thumbnails.

1°) Right click over the preview you want to "Thumbnail".
2°) Select Misc Tab.
3°) Select "Thumbnails Picture/Create".


You should see that window :


Source : By default, the preview number you selected is checked. You may select others previews or All previews for a complete thumbnails creation.

Destination :

SaveToDisk : Will save created picture to hard drive if checked. If not, picture will only be shown (usefull for testing).
OpenPathWhenDone : Will open every picture's path once creation is finished. Warning : using 40 previews will open 40 windows !!!
Path : Destination path.
Keep : Will use video source path (You may select another destination by unchecking it.)
FileName : New picture's filename (default is same video name replacing extension with .jpg)
Keep : Keep filename. Ex : video.avi -> video.jpg

Thumbnails by line : defines how many thumbnails are created on each line (columns are always automatic).

Compression : JPG Compression level (85% is default).

Options : Where to place time display (7 possibilities) : No Time Display / Top Left / Top Center / Top Right / Bottom Left / Bottom Center / Bottom Right.
TextColor : Display preview.
Color : Text color.
BkColor : Text Background color.

What is does :

Example using 4 thumbnails by line, time at Top left position : Full size picture.


Example using 6 thumbnails by line, time at Bottom Right position : Full size picture.


Note :

- When selecting several previews, only one destination path can be selected.
- If Keep is checked, every file's source path is used.

To be continued...

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