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Before reading the FAQ, some things you need to know :

- HamMultiPlayer uses a lot of resources (Drives, CPU and GPU).
- Always check you are not using defragmenters, games or rendering softwares at the same time.
- Memory is crucial for HamMultiPlayer : Loading 10 x HD movies may use 1GB memory.
- Prefer using SSD(s) / USB keys or Fast Hard drives.
- Files opened in others applications will not be listed in HamMultiPlayer.
- There is no SPDIF Audio output in HamMultiPlayer.
- There is no Overlay Video output in HamMultiPlayer.


What does HamMultiPlayer do when it starts ? :

HamMultiPlayer is portable, so it begins by copying files it needs to run.
Then It checks for updates of : Itself, Mplayer and MediaInfo... And starts by displaying GUI.
... After scanning files, it loads each media using "mplayer".
(So you have as many processes as there are medias displayed).

Note : These operations may "scare" your antivirus ;)

HamMultiPlayer does not start :

-> Check free space on your system hard drive.
-> "CheckDisk" your drive.
-> Your Antivirus could stop HamMultiPlayer.

After selecting directories, HamMultiPlayer starts scanning but nothing is displayed :

- You may not have medias (Video or Audio) files on selected paths/drives.
- You probably not choosen the type of files your are looking for (Video / Audio) => Most common problem.
- Large or old drives with a lot of files (>thousands) may take time to create files list.
- Check "Video Ouput driver" in "Options", try Direct3D or OpenGL before testing others...
- Set "Medias Starting position" to 0% in "Options" and try again.

HamMultiPlayer scans my files, begins to load files then seems to freeze :

- Loading large or High resolution movies takes time (especially on slow computers with slow hard drives).
- Check integrity of drive(s) using "CheckDisk".
- Using Networks logical volumes may be slower than physical drives.
- Your file may be too corrupted to be opened...

HamMultiPlayer plays too slowly my videos :

- Set "Video quality decoding" to fast (if not already).
- 1080p and 4k movies need a powerfull CPU and GPU to be rendered.
- If playing all previews simultaneously (UnPaused), try to set previews speed to 75% or 50%.
- Hard drives fraqmentation may slow down playing. Try using SSD(s) or USB keys.
- Reset speed using "Change medias speed", it can be set to 25, 50, 75 and 100%.
(Note that using mousewheel over speed controls change speed).
- If using 64bits OS, download "mplayer.exe" 64bits and place it in same directory as HamMultiPlayer.
(it will then use it at next start). Speed increase is about 10%.

There is no sound when playing previews :

- Change "all medias volume" under "Big displayed medias".
- HamMultiPlayer only plays first audio tract.
- Try to reload media using "Reload from start" (This option closes the process and reload it).
- Change "Audio Output Channels" in "Options" and try again.

Can I use Overlay video output :

- HamMultiPlayer does not use Overlay for previews or Zoomed videos.
- To watch movies in Overlay, you have to use your "System player" by accessing each video options.

About Thumbnails creation :

- Files having different Video and Audio lenght may slow down thumbnails creation at end of file.
- Few video container do not allow to be placed in a specific video location (because keyframes).
- Corrupt videos may slow down Thumbnails creation.

Once I found my videos, how can i move or delete them ? :

- Select the video (by clicking its number). Options appear :
Choose what you need to do : Move / Play (using system player) / Unload / Export / Delete.
(You can define Export software in version >

How to compare two videos ? :

- You can use Listview to sort files by name/date/size.
- Using "Get additional details" (...) you can get extra informations to sort by :
Resolution / Definition / Frames Per Second / Rate / Aspect Ratio and Codecs / Paths.
- Once you found two similar files, use control located between videos to view side by side.

How to Swap between FastMode and NormalMode ? There is not any more "Config Menu" in FastMode !

- Once in FastMode, to be back to Normal Mode use TrayIcon : Mode -> Normal or Options from the same menu.

To be continued...

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