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Author:  multiwatch [ Mar 12th, '17, 16:41 ]
Post subject:  Feedback :))

First of all thank you for sharing your work.
HamMultiPlayer is a really fascinating tool.
I like it a lot. And the performance is great!

Following some comments regarding possible updates.

Awesome Video Player itself is also cool, but all the bad background stuff makes it impossible to use it with a clean conscience.
Although it has nice features. For example shortcut implementation.

Some features which I think may still enhance your software.

--A Drag-&-Drop function for video files.

Dual or multi viewing videos from different partitions or hard drives will be much more easier.
At the moment playing multiple videos from different locations is not that easy or fast.

--More shortcuts to interact with it

0-9 (+ ctrl+ shitf) to pause/play specific video (eg. Awesome Video Player shortcut list)

Tab for switching between ListView, DualView is already great!
F1-FX is also great!

--Wallmode automatically adjust the size of videos to fit native monitor dimensions

--Synchronized shortcuts during wallmode

Example: 2x2 different videos on second monitor running in wallmode

Pressing ctrl+F1 pauses the first video for some seconds but than continues to play the video

On the main monitor the pause button of video 1 is still active.

Pressing ctr-F1 again pauses all 4 videos in the wallmode.

It would be great to pause/play specific videos during wallmode
without influencing the other video playbacks.

Spotted errors:

Search does not except pressed characters: '+','-' (maybe because of shortcuts? [Decrease/increase volume for last selected preview])
But pasting a plus or minus works.

Pausing a video only pauses it for a few seconds (when 'Play all media' is not also paused).

Why connecting to ;)

Thank you for your time and work. I really hope you want to add some features from Awesome Video Player.

Author:  barnuble [ Mar 12th, '17, 22:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback :))

Hi "multiwatch"

I never tried Awesome player, i will have to...
In fact, I developed this software because I could not find anything that could satisfy me

- Drag and drop is a thing I already thought of (but I have not yet had time to look at it).
- Shortcuts has been added because many users requested it : It will be improved...
- WallDisplay is really a beta feature, i have not yet spent enough time (it is full of bug and I am aware of it) : It will be updated (I have not reworked this function since v0.112). I know ;)
- HamMultiPlayer has issues with Play/Pause (this comes mainly from mplayer which is problematic with the pause mode: the simple fact of changing the volume triggers playback..).
- Adress : is the company hosting HamMultiPlayer web site (when HamMultiPlayer starts, it checks for an update file)... Don't worry about that ;)

The main purpose of HamMultiPlayer is to find files, compare and/or export them. WallDisplay is a secondary feature but i will spend more time to improve it ;)

Thank you again for reporting and it is promised : I will look at Awesome Video Player !

PS :
I'm currently working on v0.117 => Audio functions and many other things (LibZPlay library will be included in next version to allow Audio-visualization).
A Twitter and Facebook pages will appear for RealTime news and Questions/Answers...



Author:  multiwatch [ Mar 13th, '17, 17:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback :))

Hi barnuble,

thank you for your fast and covering answer!

I suggest blocking Awesome Video Player internet access or running it in inside a Virtual Box (at least demo videos can be handled to obtain an overview of the program features)
Or maybe its enough to look through the screenshots

Once again thank you for your program and your satisfying answers.

Author:  barnuble [ Mar 22nd, '17, 22:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback :))

Dear "multiwatch"

You're welcome ;)

I just added a FaceBook Link, any news will be posted here :
This link has been added to main page...


Author:  hamo [ Aug 1st, '18, 13:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback :))

barnuble wrote:
- Drag and drop is a thing I already thought of (but I have not yet had time to look at it).


barnuble, how is the drag/drop going? It been about 1 year now, any progress? Hopefully it get added!

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